Step into Nature

As the summer days wind down, Twomilegate Lakeside Amenity Park is a wonderful escape from everyday life, just minutes away from the historical twin towns of Killaloe and Ballina. This lake-site location is the perfect spot to host our Forest Bathing Workshop, thoughtfully led by Sarah Hourigan of Nature Therapy Ireland.

A Timeless Connection with Nature

In the spirit of “shinrin yoku,” the Japanese practice of forest bathing,you are invited to immerse yourself in the calming atmosphere of the woodland. It’s not simply a walk; it is an opportunity to connect with the rhythms of nature, to step away from the hustle and bustle and find solace in the simplicity of the forest.

Guided by Nature 

Your journey is led by the qualified Forest Bathing Guide, Sarah, who will lead you through a forest bathing experience at Twomilegate. Connect your senses with the gentle rustle of leaves, the movement of the breeze, and the play of light through the canopy of leaves.

A Path of Self-Discovery

Reconnect with yourself and find appreciation for the world around you. Allow the mindfulness of the moment to wash away the stresses of modern life, leaving you with a renewed sense of balance and tranquillity.

The Healing Power of Nature

Nature and awe can have a profound effect on wellbeing, and modern research continues to uncover the wonders of forest bathing. Restful sleep, reduced stress, a strengthened immune system, and overall well-being are among the remarkable benefits that the forest generously offers to those who spend time in nature.

A Moment to Remember

During the Resonance Festival, the forest bathing experience at Twomilegate gives us the opportunity to relax and appreciate the beauty of our natural surroundings. Let your mind and soul find harmony in the trees and natural surroundings of Lough Derg. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today to find serenity in the midst of the Resonance Festival.

About Nature Therapy Ireland

Nature Therapy Ireland (NTI) est. 2020 brings together a wide range of research-based nature connection and forest bathing practices. The work gently guides you in rediscovering your connection to nature with the aim of improving your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

The owner, Sarah Hourigan, has a B.A. (Hons) from University College Cork and an M.Sc. from Trinity College Dublin both in applied psychology. After a number of years working in the field of research for the Trinity Institute of Neuroscience, The Health Research Board and Multiple Sclerosis Ireland, Sarah decided to pursue a career in the outdoors and went on to complete courses in Forest Bathing, Wild Therapy, Ecopsychology, Forest Therapy, Mountaineering and Wilderness Safety.

Sarah draws on elements from each of these practices and her lifelong passion for spending time in nature to tailor NTI events while also striving to make research-based nature connection work as accessible and inclusive as possible.

Nature Therapy Ireland aims to continue to investigate the evidence-based link between nature connection and the health and wellbeing of a population that is already a strong feature of preventative healthcare systems across the globe (e.g. Japan). NTI aims to develop nature connection skill sharing with the Irish population on a community level which will in turn alleviate pressure on the Irish health system as a complement to traditional forms of healthcare.