The why of the workshop

It’s all about the sheer joy of collective music-making! There’s an undeniable thrill in strumming a ukulele with a group of beginners. It’s like assembling a band of misfit adventurers ready to conquer a musical quest. Picture this: a motley crew of individuals armed with their pint-sized instruments, all on a mission to extract harmonious notes from those four strings. It’s not just a ukulele orchestra; it’s a symphony of newfound enthusiasm. That’s how we hope to make you feel at our Resonance ukulele workshop.

And as you join forces with your fellow Resonators, it becomes evident that no one knows exactly what they’re doing, and that’s precisely the charm. The laughter that ensues as fingers fumble over chords and beginners’ hesitations morph into shared triumphs creates an atmosphere of camaraderie that’s utterly infectious. It’s a musical brotherhood, forged in the fires of uncertainty and united by a common goal: to coax melodies from those minuscule frets.

Sure, the sounds might occasionally resemble a herd of strangled cats, but there’s beauty in the chaos. The collective determination to master the basics, the spirited debates about chord progressions, and the joyful mess of shared learning experiences create a bond that transcends mere musical notes.

Playing the ukulele in a group of beginners isn’t about perfection; it’s about the sheer joy of exploration, the thrill of camaraderie, and the unapologetic embrace of the learning curve. It’s a symphony of laughter, a chorus of camaraderie, and a reminder that sometimes, the joy of making music isn’t in the destination, but in the uproarious journey.

The where & when of the workshop

We rendezvous in the warm, welcoming and wonderful Washerwoman pub at 8pm on Wednesday 6th September. Ukuleles and song-sheets will be supplied. Grab that inquisitive spirit! Assemble your very selves, for that’s all you’ll need.

The how of the workshop

Your wonderful multi-instrumentalist facilitator Kieran O’Dea has curated some crowd-pleasing tunes for you to learn and sing. You may learn three, two or just one chord; but by the end of proceedings, you’ll have squeezed the very pips out of that chord. Ukuleles will be available for use on the night, and Kieran’s tuning elves will help keep you on track and harmonious during the workshop. There’ll be sheet music on hand to help you know what’s around the sonic corner and most everyone will be in the same neophyte boat. If you’re a more experienced player let Kieran know and he’ll gladly explore some more interesting song / accompaniment parts with you.

Tickets for the workshop

This is one of our fabulous fringe-events and entrance is limited to full-event ticket holders. Information on tickets can be found here:

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