With a distinguished career in academia, Prof. Stephen Kinsella has cemented his position as a leading economist, recognised for his profound insights and contributions to the field. As an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Limerick, he has cultivated a reputation for intellectual rigour and a unique ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and engaging manner.

As a speaker and storyteller, his charm is undeniable. His thread about how he interviewed for his first role at UL is probably one of the best reads on Twitter. 

Beyond the academic realm, his expertise has graced the pages of reputable publications such as BBC, The Financial Times, and The Irish Times.  As Chief Economics Writer for The Currency his commentary on economic matters has captured the attention of a broad audience, demonstrating his capacity to bridge the gap between theory and real-world implications.

Stephen is a respected author with a literary finesse that captivates readers. From in-depth academic treatises to accessible works on economics, his books offer a refreshing perspective on the subject, making it more approachable for both students and casual enthusiasts.

Most notably, Prof. Kinsella’s skills extend beyond traditional economic domains. As the founder of the Immersive Software Engineering Course at UL, he has crafted an innovative program that unlocks talent and opportunity for the technology sector. This groundbreaking initiative not only demonstrates his forward-thinking approach but also showcases the profound impact that interdisciplinary education can have on technological advancements.

In the world of economics and academia, Prof. Stephen Kinsella is remarkable for his creativity, empathy and insight. His influence has inspired countless individuals to explore the intricate web of economic principles and their real-world applications.

We are delighted to welcome Stephen to Resonance – a scholar whose contributions resonate far beyond the confines of the lecture hall and leave an indelible mark on the world of economics and immersive technology.