With a remarkable professional journey spanning over 25 years, Alberto Barreiro stands as a seasoned Creative, Designer, and Strategist, whose international leadership experience has transformed the way people and businesses perceive value creation. Fueled by a mission to craft a world that is not only more useful but also more beautiful and meaningful, Barreiro’s expertise has left an indelible mark on the realm of strategy and innovation.

Alberto is a highly sought-after speaker. He is also a renowned strategic and creative consultant and start-up advisor, with an international reputation as an industry thought leader. 

Barreiro’s specialties cover a wide array of disciplines within the digital landscape. From Digital Strategy and Experience Strategy to Product Strategy and Business Transformation.. As a Creative Director he infuses his projects with an artistic flair that elevates the user experience and creates a lasting impact.

The depth of Barreiro’s experience is reflected in his extensive professional background, and he continues to contribute significantly to various esteemed institutions. He co-leads Become, the Design for Transformation program hosted by Kaospitot, the Danish Design and Leadership school. He is also teaches at Kaospilot’s Strategic Design for Complexity program in Barcelona.  As an Associate Professor at the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, he imparts his wealth of knowledge to the next generation of strategists and innovators, and also teaches purpose-driven strategies in the Competitive Transformation Masters program of Complutense University of Madrid.

He acts currently as Director of Transformation at The Cocktail/Wunderman Thompson Consulting, part of WPP,

As a Strategic Advisor to Barrabés.biz and a Professor of Design Strategy, Digital Media & Innovation at IED Madrid, he actively shapes the strategic vision of businesses, inspiring creative solutions that drive growth and success. Moreover, his role as an Advisory Committee Member for the Madrid Design Festival showcases his commitment to fostering a vibrant and dynamic design community.

Not one to shy away from entrepreneurial endeavours, Barreiro holds positions as a Non-Executive Director at ubio and as the Founder & CEO of Barrabés Meaning. Through these ventures, he champions a human-centric approach to design, emphasising the importance of creating products and experiences that resonate deeply with people.

From his tenure as Chief Experience Officer at PRISA, The Talent Channels, and itv to his roles as Head of Experience at Cheil Worldwide Inc. and Webjam, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive innovation and transform user experiences.

Alberto Barreiro’s impressive background is complemented by his educational accomplishments. He holds an MA in Design Studies from St. Martin’s College, as well as an MA and a BA in Fine Arts from the prestigious Universidad de Vigo.

In the world of digital strategy and design, Alberto Barreiro is a visionary force, inspiring individuals and businesses alike to think boldly and differently. As a true artist in his field, he continues to challenge the status quo, shaping a future where creativity and innovation converge harmoniously.